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Roof Cleaning
Dr Drizzle provides complete roof cleaning services. Our detailed process removes stains, mold, algae, moss, mildew and all other debris. Shaded sections of your roof sometimes hide many forms of build up that can reduce the life expectancy of your roof. Certain debris can effect the amount of sunlight that your roof can absorb and thus the amount of heat that your building absorbs. We also apply sealers and additives to your roof to reduce the regrowth of algae and moss. Our soft wash solutions and high or low pressure cleaning will restore your home or buildings original finish.
Driveway Cleaning
Dr Drizzle cleans and restores your driveway and paving to its natural color and finish. We provide resealing to prevent dirt, oil, and fuel penetration, which increases the lifespan of your driveway and patio to prevent future staining. Our Driveway Cleaning service eliminates fungus and weed regrowth, which damages and reduces the clean look of your driveway. Proper maintenance can extend the duration and lifespan of your existing driveway.
Siding Cleaning
We have a specialized solution for every type of siding including: Vinyl, Aluminum, Shake, Shingle, Painted wood and Panel sidings. Our power washing and/or soft wash system will remove environmental pollution, dirt, grit, mold, mildew, and algae stains from your home or building. Cleaning your siding with the most thorough cleaning solutions on the market today, will guarantee a lasting and restorative shine. Let Dr Drizzle extend the lifespan of your home’s siding without ruining the integrity of your nearby gutters, windows, landscaping, vehicles, or surfaces.
Walkway Cleaning
The walkway is the first impression and path leading to your home or place of residence. After cleaning and removing unsightly and dangerous mold, mildew, and weed regrowth from your walkway and pathways, your guests will notice your attention to detail. Walkways are sometimes overlooked and usually covered in grease, oils, animal droppings, gum, and grit. Dr Drizzle will restore your walkway to its previous finish and add sealants to extend its overall lifespan to last along with your home or place of residence.
Patio Cleaning
From your outdoor kitchen to your favorite lounging spots, Dr Drizzle will inspect and properly advise a cleaning process to restore your patio surfaces without damaging its finish and color. We specialize in patio stones, slates, bricks, gravel, and concrete restoration. Depending on your surface, we will utilize a proper spray type and low or high pressure wash or a soft wash system to remove mineral deposits, moss, mildew and grit deposits from your patio surfaces.
Brick Paver Cleaning
Over time, pavers begin to collect dirt and debris from guests and outdoor accumulation. This creates a coating that gives brick pavers a dull and grungy appearance. With proper cleaning and using a professional sealant, we can extend, restore, and protect the pavers from future damage. Frequently removing loose dirt and debris also prevents accumulation of particles due to rain or other moisture. Brick pavers is a sensitive surface and must be cared for properly to prevent further damage and accidental removal of sand between the pavers through the use of low pressure cleaning and our soft wash system.
Gutter & Leading Cleaning
Occasionally, gutters can quickly fill with leaves from nearby trees and moss, making it impossible for water to make it to the down spout. Over time, overflowing water from the gutter can cause and develop serious damage to the foundation to your home. Our trained professionals use state-of-the-art equipment to safely remove debris without damaging your home.
Fence Cleaning
Dr Drizzle provides professional cleaning services for: Chain link, Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, and Wood Fences. Our environmentally safe methods ensure that your plants and pets are not harmed from harsh chemicals or accidental damage from high pressure washing. We guarantee the removal of dirt, mold, mildew, algae and grit to restore your fences finish. We’ll extend the lifespan of your fence with commercial grade sealants and our detail-oriented service.
Patio Furniture Cleaning
Patio furniture is the essential exterior décor for your home and lawn. With a little care and attention, you can extend the life and make your furniture less susceptible to weathering and graying. Mold, mildew, and algae moss can attack your patio furniture’s surface if not pressure washed regularly. Regular cleaning can save your furniture from being ruined and also save you from costly replacements of your prized tables, chairs, picnic tables, benches, and lounge furniture.


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