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Commercial Power Washing Long Island

Building Exterior Cleaning
Your business establishment is the determining factor of how potential customers judge and feel about your business. A first impression may be all that a potential customer may be willing to give you. Dr Drizzle specializes in Soft Wash System and Power Washing Services to give you the visual appeal that your place of business deserves. Our services guarantee the removal of dirt, mold, mildew, gum, graffiti, stains, and atmospheric pollution. We also provide professional grade sealers and consolidation treatments for delicate moldings or glass and concrete of more modern buildings. Our Commercial Specialists can improve your business’ exterior at any scale.
Dr Drizzle’s on-site cleaning for construction companies and individual contractors is the perfect solution for a construction project before the walk through with your customers or architects. A clean, safe, and spotless construction site is essential to maintaining a professional reputation and building operation to customers and final and first time walk through for home owners and potential buyers. After the construction is complete, the final step is a final clean including power washing and window polishing. Exceed your clients expectations with attention to detail that they will notice and appreciate.
Fleet Wash
Dr Drizzle’s Commercial Vehicle cleaning services include but are not limited to: Trucks, Buses, Heavy Equipment, Trains, and Planes. We comply with State, Federal, and Local environmental regulations concerning runoff of contaminants in wash water into nearby storm drains. We use a soft wash system in order to protect your fleets finish.
Gas Stations
Dr Drizzle handles Oil, Grease, Rust, Gum and Environmental stains. In some instances, gas and diesel stains may need to be removed using a foamer and flat surface cleaner solution. To protect drainage systems and the ecosystem, some stains must be cleaned rather than only washing them off. By evaluating your gas station business, Dr Drizzle can prescribe the best solution by using hot water pressure washers or soft wash solutions depending on the surface, stain, and environment.
Graffiti Removal
Graffiti Removal can be a tricky challenge depending on the surface. A specific pressure must be used so that damage does not occur to the particular surface. 2000-3500 psi must be applied to concrete surfaces but high pressure will damage masonry and brick which requires a lower pressure below 500 psi. A hot water must also be used so to expand certain materials such as metal to break the bond of the graffiti paint and/or ink with the respective wall. Our trained speciaists know which chemicals can be applied to particular surfaces such as wood, cement, aluminum, etc. and how long certain chemicals can and should soak into the material to make graffiti removal very quick and effortless.
Industrial Plant
Warehouses and Manufacturing Plants present a unique challenge due to protecting sensitive equipment and property, staff safety consideration, scheduling consideration so that the cleaning does not interfere with daily working hours. Dr Drizzle handles every project from floors to roofs. We specialize in low pressure and soft wash solutions to safely clean many interior and exterior surfaces. In the process of cleaning your place of business, Dr Drizzle also applies professional grade concrete sealers and anti-graffiti coatings to ensure a lasting layer of protection to your place of business and your equipment.
Hospitals, Schools/Universities and Religious Institutions depend on maintaining a clean professional facility in order to keep a reputable appearance. We guarantee a deep cleaning of dirt, mold, mildew, algae, and allergens to protect your customers and staff respectively. Our soft wash system and low pressure washing will add years of life to your establishment by removing damaging particles.
Parking Garages & Lots
Dr Drizzle uses safe and non-abrasive solutions to clean garage walls, corners, entrance and exit areas, trash, cigarette debris, oil, grease, rust, gum and grime. Cleaning your parking garage and lots reduces the accumulation of carbon soot layers which over time can damage your cars, fixtures, and create harmful toxins to your client and staff respiratory system.
Property Management
Managing your property can be a daunting and challenging task. Our Commercial Specialists will physically inspect and deliver consistent, high quality cleaning to your condos, townhouses, apartments, senior living establishment, (Home Owners Associations) HOA’s, and (Property Owners Association) POA’s. Our cleaning services will increase your retention rate and grow your occupancy…a quality of service that your tenants will appreciate.
Real Estate Property For Sale
Brokers, Property Managers or For Sale By Owner must maintain a professional and clean property showcase for potential buyers. Dr Drizzle can guarantee that a sale will not be lost due to the property not being in perfect sale condition. We specialize in fine details by following a checklist that extends from cleaning windows and screens, doors and finger marked walls, vacuuming and dusting all appliances, and dusting every minute detail from baseboards to the tops of your doors and ceilings. In Real Estate Sales, you will only get one first impression. Let Dr Drizzle help you make a lasting impression on your potential prospects.
Retail Property
Tenants want to know that their Retail Business’ Building Exterior, Awnings, Walkways and Parking Lots are in a professionally, clean condition for visiting customers and patrons. Dr Drizzle’s power washing can clean and return concrete and pavement surfaces to the previous luster of a brand new retail property. We will remove the oil, grease, rust, gum, and grime of residue and debris left behind from continuous vehicle and foot traffic.


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